CANNIDEX Partner Program

  • Ideal for anyone looking for a high quality, turnkey cannabis or CBD topical product
  • Cannidex Brands works with partners to reach:
  • US states with recreational and medical cannabis programs
  • International CBD and THC markets
  • Partners manufacture and distribute Cannidex Brands products or can white label if preferred
  • We provide training on how to manufacture and ongoing support with sales enablement to help new partners get started successfully.

How does the CANNIDEX Partner Program Work?

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Step 1

  • Partner commits to initial minimum purchase of 1,000 units

Step 2

  • If Cannidex branded products are chosen, we deliver an initial run of co-branded packaging incorporating partner logos.

Step 3

  • We provide partner with 1,000 units equivalent of our proprietary transdermal base and equipment necessary to manufacture the initial batch of units.

Step 4

  • Training on manufacturing process is delivered by members of Cannidex team, including support from licensed pharmacists.

Step 5

  • Sales training and enablement sessions are delivered by Cannidex business development leadership, including on-site meetings and calls with prospective end customers.

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