About Cannidex Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Cream

Who is Cannidex?

CANNIDEX aims to provide our customers with the highest-quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD topical lotion on the market. CANNIDEX was founded in 2016 by a management team with backgrounds in specialty pharmacy, durable clinical equipment and life sciences compliance, as well as in collaboration with the founders of Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida.

CANNIDEX High Potency CBD Topical Cream(s)

We developed CANNIDEX believing that advanced technologies used in pharmacy compounding could be used to create the highest quality CBD topical in the market. While most other companies used small amounts of CBD with coconut oil based formulations to produce inexpensive products, we believed that a market existed for a high potency, premium topical using the best quality ingredients and transdermal base available.

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CANNIDEX Partner Program

CANNIDEX partners with the leading manufacturers and suppliers in markets around the world in order to ensure customers  have access to the best CBD lotion available. The CANNIDEX Partner Program is Ideal for anyone looking for a high quality, turnkey CBD or CBD/THC topical product. We work with partners to reach:

  • US states with recreational and medical cannabis programs
  • International CBD and THC markets

Our partners manufacture and distribute CANNIDEX products or can white label if preferred using our proprietary transdermal base. We provide training on how to manufacture and ongoing support with sales enablement to help new partners get started successfully. Reach out to Cannidex today to learn more about our Cannidex Partner Program today!