Why Choose Cannidex?

Since 2016 we’ve sold thousands of our high potency CBD creams across the United States. What makes Cannidex better? It starts with our commitment to quality.

We only use the highest grade, THC-free hemp products, to ensure quality from the very beginning. From there, we rely on 99% pure CBD isolate in powder form, mixed with a patented transdermal cream base to ensure fast absorption and incredible potency.

We test all of our products at two independent third-party labs, so you know you’ll always receive the safe, consistent, and potent products you prefer. At Cannidex, your satisfaction is our top priority, and it shows in the exceptional CBD topical cream that we’ve built our brand on.

With more and more people spending the bulk of their day sitting at a desk, bent over a keyboard, aches and pains are no longer a middle-aged person’s game. It’s not unusual for younger and younger people to experience discomfort related to sedentary jobs and repetitive injuries from typing and clicking a mouse all day. Then there are exercise-related aches, as well as lingering pain from accidents, injuries, or illness, for example.

While consumable CBD products are designed to deliver total-body relief, you’ll be happy to hear that you can spot treat where you need relief most with CBD topicals, such as the high potency, hemp-derived topical CBD cream from Cannidex. This high-performance topical is made with safe, pharmaceutical grade CBD, paired with an emollient cream that soaks into skin to hydrate even as it delivers soothing relief.

At Cannidex, we’re committed to making the best topical CBD cream on the market, and our laser focus on this singular innovation has resulted in a truly exceptional product that offers the safety and efficacy you expect and deserve.

The CBD market is flooded with products, and half the time, you have no clear idea of what you’re getting. This isn’t the case with Cannidex. We strive to offer full transparency, which is why we have no trouble telling you exactly what you’ll get with our CBD topical.

Each bottle contains 1500 mg of THC-free CBD hemp crystals, not hemp oil. Because we use 99% pure CBD isolate in powder form, you’ll enjoy the greatest potency, which means you’ll get strong and effective relief when you need it. In addition, every batch of our pharmaceutical grade CBD is tested to ensure the safety and consistency you prefer. With testing conducted at not one, but two third-party labs, you’ll get the quality, safety, and consistency you expect with every purchase.

The hemp used for our pure CBD isolate cream is grown and processed under the Colorado industrial hemp program, with regulation by the Colorado State Department of Agriculture, so you know you can trust that the product you receive is exactly what you expect. You’ll never have to worry about the psychoactive effects of THC when you choose our hemp-derived CBD topical cream.

With Cannidex, you know you’ll always get high quality, 99% pure CBD isolate that delivers the potency and consistency you crave. However, you’ll enjoy myriad benefits when you choose our topical cream for external use.

For starters, you can apply our product directly to areas of discomfort, for targeted relief at specific pain points on the body. Our emollient cream is conveniently dispensed from a simple pump mechanism, and it’s easy to apply. You’ll never deal with a sticky, goopy mess when you use our thick, silky cream, which absorbs quickly.

Our CBD topical cream is discreetly odor-free, so you never have to worry about lingering aromas giving you away. You’ll also enjoy the rich, luxurious, transdermal cream base, designed to soothe and rejuvenate skin wherever it’s applied. With Cannidex, you’ll get the CBD topical that does it all, from providing the potent relief you seek to hydrating and smoothing dry, itchy skin.

There are a few different categories cannabis products fall under, including isolates and full spectrum products.  The difference between pure CBD isolate cream and full spectrum counterparts lies in the chemical makeup of the product.

Full spectrum CBD products ostensibly contain all the chemical compounds naturally found in hemp plants, including a small amount of THC (less than 0.3%), along with other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and so on.  For some consumers, even a negligible amount of THC is a no-go, and others simply don’t like the flavors and odors associated with terpenes and flavonoids found in plants.  Just a note: you may also come across products labeled “broad spectrum CBD”, which is similar to full spectrum, except that all traces of THC have been removed.

CBD isolate is different – it contains only pure CBD.  With the right extraction and purification processes, CBD can be isolated from other chemical compounds and effectively separated in its purest form.  When added to high potency CBD topical products like Cannidex, pure CBD isolate delivers coveted relief without any unwanted extras.

Cannabis plants are naturally imbued with a wide range of chemical compounds, including dozens of cannabinoids like cannabidiol, or CBD.  Over the years, researchers have found ways to isolate and extract these cannabinoids in order to harness their unique benefits without unwanted side effects associated with other cannabinoids (like psychoactive THC).  Although hemp CBD already comes from plants with 0.3% THC or less, isolates offer nothing but the pure, isolated CBD you prefer, free of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other chemical compounds.

Some of us are born with irritating conditions like eczema. Others have hereditary complaints like arthritis. In some cases, our occupations or interests result in aches, pains, and injuries, and during the course of our lives, accidents and illnesses can leave us with lingering symptoms. Of course, simple aging can also cause any number of ailments.

When your muscles ache, your joints are sore, or your skin is irritated, the only thing you can think about is relief. If you’re looking for a safe, effective, natural alternative to popping prescription pills that can lead to a host of unwanted side effects, or relying on ineffective over-the-counter creams, you’ll find it with our high potency CBD topical. At Cannidex, we’ve labored to create a topical that delivers the quality and potency every consumer deserves when dealing with aches and pains.

Whether frequent exercise leaves your muscles sore or you’re dealing with the inflammation and pain of arthritis, massaging sore areas with pure CBD isolate cream is a great way to relax and find comfort. Maybe you’re dealing with hand or foot pain associated with your job, or tension in the neck and shoulders is responsible for persistent headaches or migraines. You might be dealing with uncomfortable menstrual cramps every month. Applying Cannidex is a great alternative if you don’t like pharmaceuticals and their side effects.

Rich, emollient Cannidex may alleviate some irritation from conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. If you’re dealing with localized aches, pains, and irritation, safe and effective CBD isolate from Cannidex is the natural form of symptom relief you’ve been searching for.

The human body is no stranger to cannabinoids, or the chemical compounds, like CBD, found in cannabis plants. Not only do our bodies produce their own cannabinoids for a variety of purposes, but we have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) complete with receptors that respond to outside cannabinoids, like the 99% pure CBD isolate found in Cannidex topical cream.

How does it work? When you apply Cannidex to local areas, it works transdermally. With very little effort, our non-greasy formula is absorbed by skin, penetrating deeply to interact with ECS receptors in the skin, muscles, and nerves. When this happens, the body can begin to benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic effects.

The effects of topical CBD remain localized because they never reach the bloodstream, unlike products that are ingested or inhaled. This means that you can enjoy the targeted relief you crave without worrying that effects might spread.

Cannidex is easy to use whenever you experience localized areas of discomfort. All you have to do is apply our high potency CBD topical to an area experiencing aches and pains, including joints and muscles. Rub it into sore knees, ankles, and calves after a long run. If your back is aching from sitting at a desk all day, apply it to your neck, shoulders, and/or lower back.

Any time you experience muscle or joint pain, you can apply Cannidex directly to the skin. Just discharge one or two pumps of cream onto the area that needs attention and rub it in. Our highly-emollient, non-greasy formula soaks into skin with ease, thanks to our patented transdermal cream base. Odor-free and silky to the touch, Cannidex not only soothes aches and pains, but leaves your skin soft and supple.

Generally speaking, safe and natural CBD products tend to be devoid of the many side effects associated with traditional prescription drugs, which is why they’ve become a popular choice in recent years. That said, side effects do occur rarely, and could include symptoms like allergic reaction, appetite changes, digestive discomfort (diarrhea), and fatigue.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll experience any side effects when you choose high potency CBD cream from Cannidex, which is made from the highest quality, THC-free hemp and pharmaceutical-grade base ingredients. For one thing, this product is not ingested, which means it won’t enter your bloodstream and disrupt your digestive system or cause drowsiness.

Although allergic reaction is possible, it is extremely rare. If you’re worried, you can always test our product on a small patch of skin before use on larger areas. With third-party testing by not one, but two independent labs, we guarantee our premium CBD topical is safe and consistent. Unlike products laden with chemicals, additives, and fragrances that can irritate skin, our mild, emollient cream is designed to deliver the relief you seek without any unwanted side effects.

When choosing the right CBD products for your particular needs and preferences, the best place to start is by considering the symptoms you want to treat. Pinpoint your aches or pains. Are they internal or external? If, for example, you’re having digestive problems or you’re suffering from a condition like cancer, you need a product that offers whole-body effects. If, on the other hand, you can pinpoint specific areas, like the knees, neck, or lower back, where aches and pains are causing you difficulty, or if you have occasional or long-term skin irritation, a high potency CBD topical like Cannidex is just what you need. If you can apply topical cream directly to areas of irritation or soreness, you’ve found the right product.

You also need to understand the scope of effects you’ll enjoy with a topical product, versus one you ingest, for example. Because topicals are transdermal, they’ll only penetrate deep enough to treat localized areas of pain, soreness, and/or inflammation. They’ll never reach the bloodstream in order to spread around the body. Consumables, on the other hand, enter the bloodstream through the digestive system, spreading effects to the entire body.

The main benefit of choosing Cannidex CBD isolate cream is that it provides the safe, potent, topical relief you seek in a product free of THC.  When you’re looking to soothe aches or irritation, our odorless, fast-acting cream quickly absorbs, leaving no sticky residue behind.  With 1500 mg of pure hemp crystal CBD infused in our patented transdermal cream base, relief and relaxation are in the palm of your hand, quite literally.

Isolating CBD simplifies the process of measuring dosage.  When you no longer have to account for a bevy of other chemical compounds, it’s easy to determine the amount of CBD in each dose so you can start small and build up to the dosage that best suits your needs.  With our patented, airless dispenser, you’ll enjoy accurate dosing and consistency with every pump, from first to last.

CBD isolate is created via thorough extraction and purification.  The extraction process involves removing chemical compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes, etc.) from the hemp plant.  This is followed by a purification process, in which CBD is isolated and separated from other chemical compounds and impurities are removed.

Unlike some other manufacturers, who utilize hemp oil, we rely on 99% pure CBD powder, or hemp crystal, to deliver high potency CBD cream with our own blend of natural ingredients.  Cannidex processes are audited through a third-party certification program and we submit to inspection of our pharmaceutical grade facilities to verify safe and effective practices and products.