Become a Wholesaler

Balancing quality and cost is a constant struggle for retailers. You want to provide your customers with the very best products to meet their needs and expectations, but you have to be careful not to price yourself out of the market.

When it comes to CBD products, it gets even more complex, with so many new companies entering the mix. You simply don’t have time to thoroughly assess all the options to find the right products at the right prices.

With Cannidex, you can partner with a well-established brand that has certifications to prove the quality you seek, and when you join our wholesale program, you’ll enjoy low pricing that you can pass on to your customers without sacrificing profit.

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    The Power of Wholesale with Cannidex

    What benefits will you gain when you take advantage of wholesale opportunities with Cannidex?
    Exceptional Quality

    As a retailer, you’re well aware of the power of quality to keep customers coming back for more, and you’re probably also cognizant of the fact that one bad customer experience can result in a lot of harm, from loss of business to harsh reviews. At Cannidex, we’re committed to providing the safe, effective, and consistent products your customers expect.

    As one of the oldest and most established brands offering CBD topicals, we’ve built our reputation on quality and efficacy. It all starts with 99% pure CBD isolate manufactured in a 400 thousand square foot, pharmaceutical-grade, ISO9100:2015 certified, state of the art facility in Broomfield, CO.

    At Cannidex, we proudly create premium CBD topicals and we have no problem proving it by offering total transparency. With third-party lab testing by not one, but two independent labs and certifications from GMP and ISO, you know you’re getting the quality products your customers demand.

    Even better, of course, is our odorless, non-sticky cream that absorbs quickly, offers discreet application, and delivers fast relief. With 1500 mg of hemp CBD isolate and a patented, airless dispenser that minimizes waste and preserves potency to the last drop, you can deliver a product you’re proud to recommend to customers.

    Competitive Pricing

    At Cannidex, our goal has always been to provide a truly superior-quality product for the benefit of anyone seeking needed relief. This means not only offering the safe, potent, and consistently effective products consumers need but also pricing that delivers the value they deserve. This is made possible through our wholesale program.

    We understand that retailers have to think about the bottom line and the costs they pass along to customers. This is why Cannidex is pleased to offer competitive wholesale rates on our CBD isolate, allowing you to save on bulk purchases of the premium CBD topical your customers will love. Everyone wins when you provide superior products at affordable rates, delivering the outstanding value your customers expect and deserve.