The primary psychoactive component of hemp is cannabidiol (CBD). It won’t get you high or turn into a habit because it contains no addictive substances.

Cannidex Pure CBD Lotion and similar CBD-infused products play an integral role in the health and wellness industry. There is evidence that they can help with physical pain, acne, and general skin health.

How does a CBD Topical Work?

Lipids (also known as fats) make up most of the skin’s outermost layer, which serves as a protective barrier for the body. These lipids, which include oils, waxes, and fats, are produced by the body and are insoluble in water but soluble in solvents like alcohol, much like CBD itself (including compounds such as fatty acids and cholesterol). Oily compounds, such as those found in “baby oil,” coconut oil, and olive oil, are more readily absorbed into the skin than water, which is why these substances are so effective at maintaining the skin’s elasticity and softness. CBD can enter the body through the skin pores, despite the fact that it is poorly absorbed through the skin and is oil-insoluble. The cannabidiol (CBD) that is absorbed through the skin acts locally on cannabinoid receptors in the skin layer, with no detectable amounts entering the bloodstream, suggesting that topical application of oil may be helpful for localized conditions such as chronic joint pain. 

CBD Lotion and the Bloodstream

Cannidex’s Pure Isolate CBD lotion, a popular CBD lotion, is one of the most dependable method for achieving localized relief. When applied to the skin, the compound is absorbed steadily into the skin and then into the blood vessels that run just beneath the skin, where it is then distributed throughout the body. When a product is applied to the skin, its rate and extent of absorption will be influenced by the thickness of the skin at the application site and the amount of blood flowing to the area (which is usually dependent on temperature). This consistent absorption is often far more effective than CBD oil or tinctures. 

A topical CBD product, such as a cream or lotion, can reach the sebaceous gland via the hair follicles. Ingesting CBD and stimulating cannabinoid receptors enhances the calming effects of other well-known pain relievers.

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