Does CBD cream work Quickly on joint pain?

Millions of Americans suffer from joint pain. Numerous factors in one's environment, genes, and physiology can contribute to joint pain, ranging from arthritis to injuries and everything in between. When over-the-counter pain relievers aren't cutting it, you need something stronger. For this purpose, you can use CBD cream. When suffering from joint pain, your quality [...]

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Are CBD topicals as effective as CBD edibles?

Although ingestible forms of CBD have gained more traction, topicals are still an important part of the CBD landscape. One's individual preferences may determine whether cannabidiol (CBD) is used topically or orally. That being said, for some ailments, CBD topicals may be more effective than their edible counterparts.  Based on sales data, it's clear that [...]

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Can CBD Lotion help with Sunburn?

What is CBD? Cannabidiol, sometimes known as CBD, is a compound found in high concentrations in both hemp and marijuana. Though it is just one of hundreds of cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp, cannabidiol (CBD) has shown tremendous potential for a variety of medical uses. Due to inadequate alleviation from symptoms by traditional medications, [...]

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Does CBD Cream Help with Chronic Pain?

What is Chronic Pain? According to the Cleveland Clinic, pain that lasts longer than three months is considered chronic. The discomfort may be constant or intermittent. It's not limited to one area of the body. Working, socializing, and taking care of oneself or others can all become challenging when dealing with chronic pain. Depression, anxiety, [...]

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Picking the Right CBD Lotion for Arthritis

What is Arthritis?   According to the Arthritis Foundation, Arthritis is a common ailment, but its causes are still a mystery. The term "arthritis" is a colloquial term for joint pain or disease rather than a specific disease. It is estimated that there are over 100 different types of arthritis and related conditions. In the [...]

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Can CBD Lotion help with Circulation?

What is CBD Lotion? High quantities of cannabidiol (CBD) in topical CBD products have been demonstrated to be useful in reducing inflammation and discomfort. CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system when administered topically because of the high concentration of cannabinoid receptors on the skin. The cannabinoid receptors in your skin are what allow CBD to work. [...]

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Can CBD Lotion Help with Eczema?

What is Eczema? An itchy, red skin ailment, atopic dermatitis (eczema) is caused by an allergic reaction. In children and younger individuals, it is more common than in adults, but it can occur at any time. Eczema is a chronic condition that comes and goes. Asthma or hay fever may accompany it and are common [...]

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Will CBD Topical creams help with my Anxiety?

How Does CBD Lotion Work? Topical CBD products containing high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) have been shown to be effective in relieving pain and inflammation. When CBD is applied topically, it stimulates the endocannabinoid system by binding to the skin's high concentration of cannabinoid receptors. CBD binds to the cannabinoid receptors in your skin. This [...]

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Is CBD Lotion Legal in the United States?

What is CBD Lotion? While cannabidiol (CBD) oil is currently the most often used form, topical CBD products are gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. CBD topicals provide regional relief while also benefiting the skin's general appearance and health. In this way, topical CBD solutions combine many benefits and products into a single package. [...]

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